Family Foods Ltd specialise in bulk honey and retail packed honey products including Methylglyoxal Manuka honey from New Zealand. 

All our Manuka honey brands are graded on their Methylglyoxal content. Methylglyoxal is the unique stable compound only found in Manuka honey. 

We independently test our Manuka honey to the ISO 17025 standard. Our labels also comply fully with EU and New Zealand labeling guidelines. For more information on Manuka grading visit ManukaNews Grading

MS Outer

For more details on Manuka Sport Bee-Fit, please visit Manuka Sport is the only energy gel in the world to contain Manuka honey. 

MGO Manuka honey is now available from Ocado, Amazon and most  healthfood retailers.

MGO manuka range

All Family Foods Manuka brands are packed into glass jars. We can do this becasuse we measure the unique Methylglyoxal compound which is stable in light.It is also fully recyclable unlike plastic alternatives. Some Manuka brand pack into dark amber plastic containers because they measure the Peroxide compound which is not stable to light and dillutes quickly over time. 

Please note that Manuka honey will naturally crystalise due to the very high sugar content. Crystals can easily be melted or they will naturally disperse when added to hot toast or warm dri

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